International Price Comparison: Chanel Mini Reissue vs Chanel Mini Flap

Today, I am providing you with a complete international guide of the price comparisons between the Chanel Mini Reissue Bag (Mini 2.55 bag in size 224) and Chanel Mini Rectangular Flap Bag. When I had purchased these two lovely bags, this information guide would have helped me a lot so I have created this guide for you readers out there.

The starting prices for each bag will be listed below according to their local currency (as of December 2020).

Chanel Mini ReissueChanel Mini Rectangular
United Kingdom£3,070£3,070
France/ Italy/ Netherlands/ Austria/ Belgium/ Germany/ Luxembourg € 3 500€ 3,200
Spain€ 3 840€ 3 200
Sweden38 960 SEK34 610 SEK
Switzerland4040 CHF3360 CHF
Denmark27 380 DKK25 040 DKK
Russia354 900 RUB295 700 RUB
Turkey34 920 TRY31 920 TRY
United States$3,700$3,300
CanadaCAN $5,000CAN $4,600
Mainland China¥28,300¥27,200
Hong KongHKD 28,100HKD 27,900
TaiwanNT$ 119,700NT$ 116,700
SingaporeSGD 6,250SGD 5,430
Japan¥453,200¥ 414,700
MalaysiaMYR 16,560MYR 15,750
Thailand129,500 THB124,500 THB
Vietnam93 940 000 VND92 130 000 VND
UAEAED 14 890AED 13 610

Do any of these prices surprise you?

Compared to the Classic Chanel Flap bag and Classic Reissue bag, both of these mini bags are priced at a better rate. However, the recent price increase indicates that the price differences between the classic bags and mini bags are decreasing so that they aren’t as “good value” as they were before. 

For more information about the differences between both of these Chanel bags, click here.

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