5 Pros & Cons of the Mini Lady Dior

The Lady Dior is a style icon, famed around the world after being on the arm of Princess Diana. 

After adding this classic handbag to my collection and owning the handbag for over six months, I will be sharing a review on this bag, and discuss whether the bag is worth the price tag.

This is the Lady Dior in the mini size in karung snakeskin leather and champagne hardware. When I had purchased this bag around 6 months ago, it was $7100 AUD, which was a hefty price tag to pay for a bag, but was quite affordable for an exotic piece. 


  1. Timeless style: This bag has been around for more than 20 years and is a classic. You will not have to worry about this bag getting outdated or going out of style
  2. Durability: While many have not purchased exotic bags as they’re not as durable, this bag is coated, and allows the scales to be sealed off and protected
  3. Low maintenance: This bag is very low maintenance, it doesn’t require much upkeep that other exotic handbags require
  4. Size: Despite this bag being of a mini size, it holds quite a fair bit of items, including your phone, keys, cardholder, lipstick and any other small essentials
  5. Versatility: This bag can be worn as a top handle or a crossbody or a shoulder bag (if you’re taller) 


  1. Interior: The interior of the bag is made of velvet, which is prone to colour transfer and doesn’t hold as well as a leather interior
  2. Hardware: If you are a perfectionist, this bag won’t work for you. Within a few wears, the charms were covered in hairline scratches as they often move while you walk
  3. Noisy: When you are walking, the bag charms make sounds (purposely implemented by Christian Dior himself). If you are not a fan of a noisy bag, this bag is not for you
  4. Chain: You will not be able to adjust the chain length depending on your height. I am under 5 ft 4 inches (under 162cm) and it sits below my hip on a crossbody length. If you are shorter than this height, I would not recommend this bag unless you are planning to wear it as a top handle bag
  5. Flap: Despite the flap keeping your belongings secure, it can be a nuisance if you put things and take things out more than a few times in the night

Based on all these factors, I would say that the Mini Lady Dior is worth the price tag. Not only are you holding a piece of history, but it will be a luxury piece that you can pass down to the next generation. 

Is the Mini Lady Dior on your wish list? If so, which style?

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