2021 Luxury Wishlist | Top 6 Pieces

While a bit late to the bandwagon, here are the six luxury items that are on my 2021 wishlist. This wish list may change throughout the year depending on what’s to come for 2021. 

  1. Pastel Pink Chanel Mini Bag

If I could choose, it would be either a Mini Coco Handle or Mini Rectangular Flap. Both bags are adorable and I could see myself matching it with many outfits in the future. Hopefully, Chanel releases an iridescent pink bag in the future because I will be first in line for that. 

  1. Celine Small Classic Bag in Lizard

While I had seen this bag in the past, the first time it sparked my attention was when I saw it on fashion influencer, Melissa Seldora. While box leather is prone to scratches, lizard leather is very resistant and low maintenance. An additional bonus is the uniqueness of the leather design that makes it a statement piece in any outfit. However, I am not a huge fan of the high price point, which is at $8100 AUD and would be open to purchasing it on the preloved market. 

  1. Van Cleef Alhambra Bracelet

I have always been more of a bag girl than a jewellery girl but this one truly sparkled. After seeing it countless times, their marketing has worked on me and I will be adding this piece in mother of pearl into my 2021 wishlist. Once again, I am open to purchasing this bracelet on the preloved market, depending on the condition of the bracelet. 

  1. Designer White Sneakers

Before the situation happened, I preferred to wear heels over sneakers. However, since then, my lifestyle has changed and I find myself attending less social events and working from home. Therefore, I would like to invest in a pair of designer white sneakers that will match any casual outfit. If you have any recommendations, please comment below. 

  1. Oasis Sandals

Given that everyone has these sandals and that I’m more of a dressy girl, I never thought I would’ve found myself interested in these sandals. As the Oasis Sandals have a heel, it is the perfect shoe for summer and can be paired with any floral dress. I am torn between the white pair or the crystal pair. Let me know which shoe you have in your collection in the comments below.

  1. D-Way Sandals

While the Oasis Sandals are more affordable, the D-Way Sandals are gorgeous. I have found myself gravitating towards the heeled version with pink florals. At the moment, there are a lot of bright coloured D-Way Sandals, so I am waiting for the right one to come my way. 

What is on your 2021 wishlist? Let me know in the comments below. 

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