5 Luxury Gifts for the Lunar New Year

With Lunar New Year around the corner, I have outlined gift recommendations from your 5 favourite designers. In the past, there have been a few tacky designs that aren’t wearable, so I have curated a collection of designs that will remain timeless for years to come.  Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos. please noteContinue reading “5 Luxury Gifts for the Lunar New Year”

Designer Bag Unboxing | Bulgari Serpenti Bag Review

Last month, I had love at first sight with a Bulgari handbag after stopping by to take a look at their Serpenti line. While I had stepped in to see if they had the pink ombre handbag that I had seen on fashion influencer, Sophie Shohet, another one had sparked my attention.  That was theContinue reading “Designer Bag Unboxing | Bulgari Serpenti Bag Review”

3 Underrated Designer Bags for 2021

Happy New Year my fellow luxury lovers. I’m back with the latest recommendations for the top underrated designer bags that you can add to your wish list for 2021. Celine Classic Box Bag  While the Celine Box Bag looks similar to the Hermes Constance, it certainly does not carry the hefty price tag that HermesContinue reading “3 Underrated Designer Bags for 2021”